WebDAV on Vista?

Has anyone succeeded with getting WebDAV access up with Vista?



Are you suggesting that something doesn’t actually work as expected on Vista? Say it ain’t so! :wink:

…and so it begins!


Actually, I’m thoroughly in the Vista camp these days. Here’s a good overview as to why: pcworld: 15 reasons to switch

That’s a good article, and makes some valid points, as I believe does this article from the Harvard University Physics department computer services.

Do you think something in Vista’s WebDAV implementation is at odds with DH? I know many XP users use WebDAV on Dreamhost.


I’m assumbing it probably works fine. I know that Vista supports WebDAV as it interacts with WebDAV calendars. I just havent found the hooks for setting it up. Its definately not configured the same way as XP. And there seems to be a remarkable dearth of Vista/WebDAV info around.

You are probably correct, and I know what you mean about “finding the hooks”! It took me a couple of attempts to sort out where/how to change my networking settings when I upgraded from Win98SE to XP - the stuff was still there, just moved all around. :wink:

I expect the Vista/WebDAV info will start to surface as more users wrestle with it. Good Luck!


I’m using Home Premium. And if WebDAV client works, it doesn’t work the same way as it did in XP (which, of course, wasn’t very well).

The “Add network location” wizard is buried (you get to it through “Map Network Drive”, e.g., rt-click “Computer”, select “Map Network Drive”, click “Connect to a Web site that you can use to store your documents and pictures”).

From here, things look familiar. But entering my dreamhost webdav URL gives me an error message “The folder you entered does not appear to be valid. Please choose another.”

I tried the same URL in Mac and XP and it worked. So maybe Vista is munging the authentication in a new and different way? Anyway, looking forward to the workaround.

Did anyone ever manage to get this to work? I found a guide (here: http://www.mydocsonline.com/info_webfolders.html) that included direct instructions on how to get WebDAV setup in Vista. However, just like the above poster, when it asks me to put in the address of the WebDAV folder, it tells me this is not valid.

If there is an issue with Vista, then someone at DreamHost needs to know so they can fix/document whatever compatibility issue has shown up! I have searched the MS Knowledge Base and can’t find much. There is one article (http://support.microsoft.com/default.aspx/kb/888039) that says Vista will give this error possibly if there is a space in the directory name, or if linking directly to a file. However, neither is the case here!

I’m wondering if it has something to do with this: http://support.microsoft.com/default.aspx?scid=kb;en-us;269681 … Basically, that article states that on previous versions of windows, you would get the error that the directory does not appear to be valid, if the user profile folder is being redirected. Since Vista does indeed redirect user profiles to a different location - perhaps this is to blame? Shame if it is, since it is a rather stupid thing to overlook on MS’ part, and I’m not sure if there are any fixes.

If someone has found a solution, I’d greatly appreciate it. I really need this working with my domain.

Dreamhost “knowing” about “issues” is all well and good, but I can’t say I agree that it should be DH’s responsibility to “fix/document” Microsoft’s WebDAV issues with Vista. Hype notwithstanding, Vista is still “bleeding edge” in my book; I expect there will be many issues that Microsoft needs to address in service to their customers. :wink:

I’m sure many need to get this working, but I see it as purely a Microsoft issue, and I’d be pretty discouraged by the fact that you “can’t find much” about it in the MS Knowledge Base. Hopefully, someone has “broken on through to the other side” of this and can offer some useful help.


Actually, it turns out that it isn’t completely a Microsoft issue. Sure, Vista caused it, but Microsoft is not known for backing up on decisions to change how software works.

It seems that it has to do with how the WebDAV server (dreamhost’s side) responds to the OPTION request during initialization of the connection. Apparently, some servers do not respond to this or respond incorrectly. These used to work in XP, but no longer do in Vista. I’ve submitted a support ticket now that I know what the issue is.

When I say that Dreamhost needs to fix/document - I mean just that. If there is an incompatibility that affects DreamHost customers, it matters not whether or not MS or DreamHost is at fault. If it is something that DreamHost can come up with a workaround for - then they do so. If, on the other hand, it is something that there is no workaround/fix that can be implemented on Dreamhost’s end - then they document it in the Wiki so that users will know not to expect WebDAV with Windows Vista.

Good point there; at the end of the day one has to pretty much roll with whatever Microsoft does, even if something they change breaks a bunch of things. I think that is a pretty sorry state of affairs, but I believe you have characterized it accurately.

Or they don’t, anymore than they develop(ed) workarounds for some of the problematic FrontPage extensions. DH is a Debian shop, not a MS shop, though I agree that it is probably in their best interests to facilitate MS products whenever possible/practical :wink:

I agree with you whole-heartedly on that. I mean, if it doesn’t work at present, people need to be told that up-front, so they can plan accordingly for meeting their needs. Having a WebDAV setup in the Control panel that doesn’t work with MS’s newest OS is a big deal, and needs to be addressed one way or another - it shouldn’t just be ignored.


I have received a response to my ticket on this, and they are indeed working on the issue. As I discovered in my little bit of research, it is a tough one, but they’re working on it.

That’s really good to hear, and hopefully they’ll get it sorted. Thanks for posting back with the encouraging news! :slight_smile:


[quote]That’s really good to hear, and hopefully they’ll get it sorted. Thanks for posting back with the encouraging news!


No it’s not.

Disclaimer: I’ve not had the “need” to use webdav, but I’m confident there’s other options.

These discussions always remind me of Ghandi and buying salt and fabric, etc. from the British. Throw off the yoke. Do a little work, and set yourself free. Or buy Apple. :wink:

I wish DreamHost wouldn’t waste my money complying with the whims of the 3vil 3mpire, m1cro$haft. YMMV. :slight_smile:

Take Microsoft’s Linux money, says Red Hat.


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rlparker wrote: “That’s really good to hear, and hopefully they’ll get it sorted. Thanks for posting back with the encouraging news!”

Anonymous2, Ardco, BobS, whomever-he-wants-to- be-today replied:

Of course you wouldn’t think that anything DH does in service to those using something you do not use, or care to use, is not “good to hear”, as it doesn’t coincide with your interests.

It’s good news to some, it’s not good news to others; I’m generally willing to classify most things that help DH customers get their needs addressed as a “Good Thing” ™. :wink:

That said, I suppose any opportunity to bring the “Evil Empire” into a discussion is likely to appeal to some folks. :slight_smile:


[quote]Of course you wouldn’t think …


If you want to discuss personalities, Robert Junior, go fsck your hdd instead.

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