WebDAV/.htaccess question

After reading a thread about webdav I am still confused as to whether or not I can protect webdav directories.

Here’s an example or what I’d like to accomplish:

/webdav/ -> requires valid-user to view
/webdav/group1/ -> requires group group1 to view
/webdav/group1/user1/ -> requires group group1 to view
/webdav/group1/user1/public/ -> requires valid-user to view

This would require an .htaccess file in each of these directories (as far as I know) and would also require the appropriate Apache setup. The appropriate Apache setup wouldn’t dictate at the httpd.conf level the limitations based on authentication…

So, would this be possible with DH?

how much php do you know? Scripts could do that.

I’m actually a PHP developer. :slight_smile: But what I want with WebDAV is the transparency it provides with the host OS.

Our web panel will not be able to set up something like this for you, but you are free to create your own .htaccess files. We set all webdav directories to be completely locked down in our httpd.conf files and the rest is controlled by the .htaccess files that are generated. That allows you to make additional customizations yourself if you are knowledgeable enough.

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