Webdav/htaccess configuration


Hi all.

I am trying to set up a iCal server which needs webdav. Now when I go to http://www.raise-it.nl/agenda/Home.ics (login/pass: gast/gast) it downloads the published agenda instead of showing it in the browser. /agenda is the Webdav directory btw.

I assume I need to edit the .htaccess file to add ‘SetHandler default-handler’ or at least that is what the wiki page says. But I cannot edit the .htaccess file as I am being told when I created the webdav directory:

Warning: WebDAV-enabled directories will no longer be owned by you, and so cannot be accessed via FTP or the shell…only through WebDAV!

Am I right that the .htaccess file has to be edited? If yes, how? Any help is greatly appreciated.


Lol hold on. Via phpical I ended up in a whole dedicated wiki thread here on Dreamhost! <3 DH. I’ll report back asap.


I’m not sure whether this works. If you failed to edit through shell, try DH panel --> Goodies --> Htaccess/Webdav

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