webDAV for the total beginner

I’m trying to run a remote calendar using Sunbird, and it’s just not working. In trying to figure out what I’ve done wrong, I’ve found that there’s no step by step guide to setting up a webDAV folder on DreamHost (SERIOUSLY annoying, it should totally be in the knowledge base).

I thought I’d done it right, because calendar would ask for the password and act like it was accepted, but then it just gave errors, in calendar in xp, so maybe I missed something. I thought I just put in the name where I want a dir created and it does the rest, but I’m beginning to think this is a large assumption. So is it not that easy? Do I need to create a folder first, and then deal with webDAV? Do I have to set permissions or something first? Upload anything to it?

How EXACTLY do I go about setting up a webdav dir?

Thanks so much, I’m seriously going to kill something soon :frowning:

go to your web panel choose the domain, then fill in the folder you want and check webdav and click the submit button at the bottom :wink:


Do I have to create this folder beforehand or can I just put the folder I want created in this field? Cuz that’s what I’ve been doing and I get errors when I try to connect both through sunbird and through xp. Both ask for the password and it seems to go through but then they turn up errors. Other people trying to connect to the same folder get the same errors.

put the folder the yourself through ftp if I recall, I believe the panel just applies the permissions/webdaviness to said directory


Create the folder you want to “Webdav-ify” first. :slight_smile: Then go into the Control Panel -> Goodies -> Htaccess/WebDAV. Choose the domain and the folder you want, then put in the username and pw info. I think it takes some time to happen, so be patient.

Once your chosen folder becomes WebDAV-vy, the folder is owned by the user “dhapache”. What that means to you is the only way you can put stuff in there (and delete things) is via WebDAV. Shouldn’t be a problem for Sunbird.

I’ve got this setup and working now. Sunbird is a bit buggy when publishing, but it seems to be slightly more stable in the 0.3 version. Let me know if you have any problems.

ok thanks, I know it’s basic, but it’s good confirmation that I was doing it right/wrong. It’d be nice if the field for the path said something like (pick an existing directory) cuz that’s not actually anywhere in the help that I could find.

So it turns out to get my Sunbird calendars going on dreamhost I had to do http://www.myurl.com:80/dir/cal.ics (which is weird, cuz I only need the :80 to create the calendar, anyone else subsribing can just do http://www.myrul.com/dir/cal.ics) but I’m still getting an error when I try to view using xp - but that’s a different issue.