webDAV for ical sharing


I am so inexperienced in this area I’m not even sure how much of an obvious one this is. But I’m trying to set up a folder so that I can share iCal calendars with people in my family.

I enabled webdav using the Dreamhost panel. I made a subdomain on my Dreamhosted domain, then I made password protection.

At that point, I thought I could use my mac’s Connect to Server function under Finder to open that url (http://www.mysite.com/folder is what it looks like) and I thought there would be a pop up where I would fill in a password. But that didn’t happen. Instead it told me that it couldn’t find the server on the network.

I know I am missing something obvious, but I don’t know exactly what.


Someone else is trying the same thing, with no luck. I’ve never tried it.




I have a webDAV directory set up and both iCal publishing and Connect To Server work for me. Perhaps it’s a problem with the shared server you are on.