webDAV Documentation Lacking

Hi there, I am not very familiar with webDAV but it seemed straightforward enough to setup. I created a subdomain subdirectory and made it webDAV enabled and did not put a password on it… Instructions I have found have told me that in XP I simply need to add a new network place and point it to the URL. However, XP keeps prompting for username and password. I can’t seem to leave it empty, nor does my shell usr and pass seem to work… Just not sure what I’m missing here… Any help is appreciated

You need to hack the registry for it to work with apache webdav.
add a key “UseBasicAuth”=dword:00000001


I don’t recommend using webdav on dreamhost since it’s mostly useless; no php. And the files created with webdav are inaccessible from ftp or shell, since they belong to a different user.