WebDAV as a staging directory

I have been reading about/configuring WebDAV directories in the past week. Everything seems to work OK so far. I am able to do basic stuff such as mounting the WebDAV-enabled directories as volumes on my (Mac OS X) machines and am also able to publish and subscribe to iCal calendars. So far, I like it.

What I would like to do next is to set up a “staging” directory for my designer to use as a sandbox. I do not foresee any problems using GoLive CS with WebDAV (according to Adobe, it should just work neatly with a tool called VersionCue which was included in my CS box) . The issue that I am confronting is how to move the files from the staging directory to my “live” directory when we are ready to commit the changes to production. Currently, I have shell/ftp access to the root directory of my site and WebDAV enabled only on the “/staging” subdir. I do not wish to give up my entire website structure to WebDAV, since I want to retain the ability to use good-old-FTP and shell, (sed, perl, awk) scripts, but I cannot use neither WebDAV nor shell commands to copy files over to the production (root or base) directory.

Is this is just not the correct way to work with WebDAV?

Is there an easy solution to this problem that I am overlooking?

Note: In another company that I used to work for, there was an suid root shell script triggered by crontab which copied everything from staging to production twice a week. If that is the only way to work this, then WebDAV is probably not for me yet.

Thanks in advance,