WebDAV and public download

I have a batch of users that need to send out large attachments. I’d like to make things easy for them and not make them use FTP or anything else like that to get the files hosted. Here is what I am trying to do:

  1. My users would connect to a DAV share and login to upload (http://shares.company.com/public)
  2. Guests can get a URL to download the file (http://shares.company.com/public/usera/file_for_download.ppt)
  3. After it is done, the user can go back and remove the file.

This lets them put up files for the public to get and take off when they are done.

The problems that I see are that if I .htaccess/WebDAV the http://shares.company.com/public directory, I can’t make it open for public users. Public needs an account.

Is there another way to do this that would accomplish that I am looking for?


I’ve been trying to solve the exact same scenario, and am stuck in the same place as you. I did get WebDAV to work on my Windows XP Media Center desktop, but not on my work-issued Windows XP laptop. That makes me leery to use this to any extent. Is there is simple Windows Explorer plug-in that would make it more reliable?

I’ve gotten it to work very well in XP. If you are looking for clients, try these: