webDAV access


I need some basic help (step by step) on how to operate weDAV.

  1. I created a subdomain and a webdav site directory from the DH panel.
  2. If I point my browser I can login but that is all. How can I transfer files. I am missing a simple step I think.

My systems are OS X 10.4 using Safari and/or firefox (or fillezilla) and Linux (Ubuntu GutsyG) using firefox and sometimes(rarely) WinXP/firefox.

I am not able to connect with the browser or finder to the webDAV site to upload files. I do not have access to the directories with ssh anymore to put or touch a file.

Can somebody point me to a step by step setup sequence that allows the uploading of files with a webbrowser or a client( Finder or Konqueror connect if possible).

Any help is appreciated, Thanks in advance.



I don’t know a lot about the particulars of WebDAV, but you might find some help in the several articles in the DreamHost wiki about using WebDAV.

I know that some of those articles have “step by step” information for various environments.



Hi RL Parker.

I am confused. I read the wiki and still i am confused.

I have a .htacess in my http://subdomainname/webdavpath, but I do not have in my maindomain name main directory.

I do not have command line access to view or edit this .htpaccess anymore.
It works according snce it is asking for authentication when pointing my browser to the webdevpath.

I tried to follow the info in:


  • no success / connection failed


connection failed

tried with Konqueror on my linux box - no success.

I am trying also with win XP: open with webfolder checked. It is hanging.

I wonder if there is something wrong on the server side?

In one of the wikis it says I should create add some lines to the .htaccess in my main directory? Do I need to do this manually? I am afraid it will affect other directories not in my wedav enabled subdomain.

Any idea what to do next? Should I remove the password temporarily?



As I said earlier, I am not that familiar with the use of WebDAV; I just though you might find something helpful in those wiki pages. I’m sorry that information was not helpful.

Hopefully, someone who regularly uses WebDAV can step up and enlighten us both. :wink:

Other than that, and particularly if you suspect something might be messed up with the server, it is probably time to file a support request to see if they can help you.

I am a bit curious though: Given the difficulties of using WebDAV in a hosting environment, what are you trying to accomplish in doing so?



I am trying to achieve the uploading of documents (medical reports) from multiple locations into a common virtual and secure file system and link it into database. Various users and not all are easy to train on ftp so a web based system would help.



You did make sure to enable webdav for that directory, right? (it’s a checkbox in the setup screen on the panel)

It might help to know exactly what you selected on the panel (but not your username and password settings, btw). You also *don’*t need to tell us the domain at this point.

I’ve never set up webdav on a server before either, so I probably won’t be of much help but did want to make sure it wasn’t one of those easy-to-make mistakes. :slight_smile:

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I was able to solve my problem with webDAV and I wanted to summarize it so others do not spend that much time experimenting to figure it out:

  1. Using [color=#CC0000]Win XP:[/color]
  • I had to use IE (internet exploder) since Firefox does not have the “open web folder” feature implemented. Use open, click open web folder and type in your {domain} or {subdomain address} / {webdav path}. Enter userid and passwd.

Your weDAV area will be in your windows explorer under network places once you were successful. I had many attempts failing until I realized that one has to clear the browser cache !!! Also I have multiple login windows because of the cache. just close the additional login windows…I hope it works for you…

  1. Using [color=#CC0000] OS X , Tiger.[/color]

Initially, I was unable to set the webdav in Finder as per the following two examples and it was not funny.

http:// http://docs.info.apple.com/article.html?artnum=151622

http:// http://wiki.dreamhost.com/Connecting_to_a_WebDAV_server_from_Mac_OS_X_10.3

I also had some crashes (mostly iTunes/iPod related) with my dual G5 H/W with 10.4 os. I ran disktools and fixed a bunch of permission errors. I tried again after 2 days and voila: it worked like a charm!!! Disktools rocks.

Nevertheless there is another solution: You can download a free S/W (GNU GPL v2), named Goliath that worked perfect from the start. I highly recommend it if you do have problems with the Finder connecting to webDAV:


3 [color=#CC0000] Linux [/color]

I will play with Linux next weekend… and if I can make it working I’ll document the procedure.

Thanks for all who answered and tried to help, including [color=#00CC00] Ryan [/color] from DH tech support who was just great in persevering to help me. Hats off to DH tech support!




That’s a great post, with lots of good info! Thanks for taking the time to report back. I’m really happy you got it working. :wink: