can I set my site up to serve as a web cam host for about 3 differnet web cams?
EX) I will watch CAM A and CAM B and my CAM will be called C
my parents will watch CAM B and CAM C
my in-laws will watch CAM A and CAM C

is this possible. I would rather use my account rather then Yahoo.

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You should use NetMeeting or even better the Windows XP Messenger because that is the easiest webcam-sharing software around for Windows (XP). Limitation: Only one-to-one camera connections are possible, though you can voice-chat with multiple parties. So in a conference, you could have everybody talk to everybody and at the same time have a video feed between two of you.

I don’t know of any many-to-many video sharing tools.


yeah, you’re not going to get live streaming without a live streaming host. AIM is another good option. If you use a Mac, Tiger will have many-to-many video chat.

What about mac people.
My brother-in-law is on a mac.
If I run netmeeting is there a mac way to connect?

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how do companies do video conferencing?
I would think that there has to be a way to let mac/linux/pc users all see the same thing.

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You could also try webcam32 or :slight_smile:

If your brother-in-law used this software he could us netmeeting with you

The latest version of iChat AV (on Mac OS X) can videoconference with AOL Instant Messenger 5.5 (on Windows XP.) That will be your easiest solution.

ohphoneX is the ticket.
He set it up and we will try it out in about an hour.

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