WebCam to DreamObjects?

Hey folks,

I’d like to have my webcam store its motion triggered photos into dreamobjects.

Unfortunately, my webcam only supports FTP.

Are there any easy solutions/products to help me some how connect my webcam to dreamobjects?


I use CrossFTP to get big files into my buckets. Maybe that would work for you, as well?

See this page in the wiki for some other options:

Not quite. From CrossFTP’s documentation: Currently we do not support pure console mode yet. Hence you need a GUI environment to run CrossFTP

Right now my camera FTPs up pictures whenever it detects motion. I’d like for some automated way for it to automatically transfer those pictures to DreamObjects and then delete the source - without user intervention.

It doesn’t look like CrossFTP can do this.

Are you trying to make a script that will fetch the images off of the ftp on your camera, and then upload them to DreamObjects? For a command line tool to put files on DreamObjects, you could use s3cmd. The config file can be setup like shown here:

and then in the script full the files down from ftp to local storage, then loop over them doing “s3cmd put” commands would work. Or if an rsync type utility would be better there is boto-rsync:

It seems more likely to me that the camera acts as an FTP client. That is, it expects you to point it to an FTP server where it’ll store pictures.

Since DreamObjects cannot be used as an FTP server, the only way I can see this working with DreamObjects is if you have the camera upload files to a separate FTP server, then have a script periodically move files from there to DreamObjects. That’ll be kind of ugly to set up, though.