WebCalendar time help



First off, I’m a nub and know almost nothing about SQL. I am computer literate but don’t know squat about programming anymore. I installed the WebCalendar via the One-Click and the calendar works great except that it is on pacific time and I am on Central. Could someone tell me where to change the files and where exactly in them to add the changes. I am using MySQL. Please be pretty specific because as I mentioned I know nothing about SQL.

I believe I need to add a line somewhere that says “$tz_offset = 2;” Only I have no clue where to add this, as in what file and also where in that file.

It seems like this should be much easier than it has been for me as I have tried to figure this out on my own and have been unsuccessful. Also do I need to restart the MySQL after the changes and how would I do that?

Thanks in advance, I really appreciate the help