WebCalendar Setup-Step2

Hey I’ve been trying to setup the OneClick WebCalendar and I’m stuck at step-2. I have the following fields entered as…
database type: - MySQL
server: - localhost
login: - examplcom4 (given to me by DH email after install)
password: - (a bunch of letters and numbers from email)
database name: - example_com_4
Database Cache Directory: - /tmp

I keep getting an error:
"" Your current database settings are not able to access the database or have not yet been tested.
Failure Reason:
No such file or directory
Correct your entries and try again “”"

I have followed the thread of ain’t misbehavin and removed the “/” in the settings.php file to read “db_cachedir: tmp” and i’ve created the sub directory at example.com/calendar/tmp

not sure what i’m missing here. Any ideas?

localhost is the problem.

What needs to happen is a hostname needs be created under MySQL tab in the panel. then use the same hostname in the config file instead of localhost. The MySQl server is not the same server as your webserver.

I found my hostname was mysql.example.com
working great now!