Webcalendar reminders




I am not getting any emails from webcaledar. I have followed the troubleshooting guide, and ran ‘send_reminders.php’ manually and from a cron job.

I also do not get any email notifications.

I guess this is something specific to the DH installation, and not webcalendar generic… Has anyone succeeded in getting emails from webcalendar on DH?

I am using PHP4, as recommended by the DH guide for webcalendar.




When you run the command manualy from the command prompt, what do you get back? an html page, or an error, or both?

When I went to set this up, I had moved my send_reminders.php out of the tools directory (as reccomended for security reasons) and it was returning an error about not being able to find the settings file. To fix this, I posted on the webcalendar forum and was told to upgrade to the latest version - it came out about a month ago. That fixed the problem and I now get reminders on a regular basis.



Yes, I had some problems with this, but now it finds the settings file corrrectly.
I am running v1.0.2.

v1.0.3 changelog does not contain anything about email reminders, and I don’t want to upgrade unless I have to.

Here’s the output of running the script:

[rexford]$ ./send_reminders.php
[rexford]$ php send_reminders.php
X-Powered-By: PHP/4.4.2
Content-type: text/html




I’m just guessing here, but are you having reminder sent to an E-mail address hosted by dreamhost? That might make a difference. Past that I really don’t know.

For me the upgrade was extremly easy and painless. Just download the tar file, unpack and upload the new files directly over the old ones. There’s no database schema change so all you have to do is upload the new files and everyting works.



Yes, its a DH-hosted address.

I’ll continue searching and post here the solution when I have it (unless it will be really embarassing…)



I have web calendar (installed via one-click) sending out reminders okay. Check through the admin panel that you have turned email sending on.
My crontab setting is:-
1,11,21,31,41,51 * * * * /usr/local/bin/php /home/username/calendar.example.com/tools/send_reminders.php >/dev/null 2>&1

There is a space after php if that does not show clearly.

This is from the FAQ page. Apologies if you have read it before. Ignore the php.ini bit unless you have your own PHP version 4.x installed. (Webcalendar may not work under PHP 5)

I am not receiving any email messages from WebCalendar.
WebCalendar sends two types of email messages: Notifications* and Reminders*. Check the following if you are not receiving any email:

  1. You have defined a valid SMTP server in your PHP configuration file php.ini. (The setting is “SMTP” in the “mail_function” section.)
  2. In WebCalendar’s System Settings, you have set the “Email Enabled” setting to “Yes”.
  3. In WebCalendar’s System Settings, make sure you have the “Default sender address” to something.
    Note: Some mail system will reject mail that has a “From” address that is a different domain from the originating SMTP server. So, if your SMTP server is smtp.mydomain.com and your “Default sender address” is calendar@someotherdomain.com, some mail systems may bounce the mail back.
  4. For a Notification, make sure you have the type of Notification set to “Yes” in the user’s Preferences.
  5. For a Reminder:
  • Make sure you have “Event reminders” set to “Yes” in the user’s Preferences.
  • Make sure you have setup a cron job to periodically run the send_reminders.php script.



Sorry for the late reply.

Now it works for me. Apparantely I did it correct the first time, but I could not fully understand reminders from notifications.

I still am not sure I am getting notifications, but I do get reminders…

Thanks for your detailed post!