WebCalendar: email reminders



Assuming that, in their WebCalendar installation, Dreamhost has the WebCalendar email reminders enabled, how specifically as the admin do I configure them to work? Aside from going into System Settings > Email and selecting “Yes” for the appropriate radio buttons, there has to be more for me to do. I read in the SysAdmin guide about the cron, but where/how do I do that if the installation is at Dreamhost and not under my control? Where do I compose my email message? Where do I specify the days/time I want the message sent? And exactly what kind of email reminders are we talking about here? While I see the words “Email Reminders” throughout the (incredibly limited) documentation, nowhere can I find a definition of e-mail reminders or a few paragraphs explaining how to fully set them up. Are these the kind of email reminders where a small icon/link appears adjacent to each bike ride listed in our calendar so that a calendar visitor can click that reminder icon when they see a bike ride coming up in the future that they want to ride? And, having clicked that icon, does a reminder email get sent to that person some number of hours or days prior to that event (and where do I configure that)? Or, are these the kind of email reminders that can, once a day, mail to all registered calendar users a list of all the bike rides scheduled over the next ‘x’ days?

Obviously I’m a cron and WebCalendar rookie. Thank you very much for any help you can offer me concerning email reminders.