Webassist Power Store



Does anyone have any experience using this application. I’m having problems getting started after uploading files to Dreamhost server.


i’ve not even heard of that software (edit ah i see they are the same folks that do cafecommerce it looks like). i have installed various different php/mysql based software though. what sort of problems exactly are you having? for 400 bucks you probably could have gotten someone to make the store and get it running for you with a free open source solution.


I’ve uploaded (ftp using FileZilla) Webassist files to premiumyarn.com from my computer. I made an error in the upload (uploading from subdirectories) and the application is executing at http://premiumyarn.com/PowerStore401/PowerStore%20Files/. When I go to the URL above for the first time in my browser, the Install Wizard did not execute and I am unable to set up the Store Manager and other parameters. Also, how do I manage files in my server space? I want to move, copy, and delete files. I don’t see a way of doing this from any of the panel selections in DreamHost. This was not my choice for an e-commerce store…the client had already made the purchase and had someone else working on it that could not complete the project. It was handed to me without any information so my learning curve consists of “poking around and fending for myself”. Any help will be greatly appreciated.
For some reason, the URL above shows Pow…%20Files It should spell out PowerStore


well your best bet is to log into the shell and use the mv command to put the files in the proper directory. if you are on windows you will need a program called putty. google is your friend for ssh commands.


Just use your SFTP program :wink: