Webamil Replies dont show Outlooks sig logo

On one of my clients website she has a contact form, which gets sent to her dot com email. (which she uses Outlook to receive and send) When she sends a regular Email the logo appears in the reply, but when she replies to one of her website emails contacts the logo disappears and she says even the font and such are different.

She had a tech guy come out and he said something about the website contacts need are coming to her in a TEXT format, and they should come in a TEXT format. Ideas? Solutions? Please help ASAP. thank you

Simple. Update the program sending the message from the web site to use MIME encoding and send a multipart message with a text/plain and a text/html part. I bet Outlook will load up the HTML part first and probably continue with a reply in HTML as well.

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Hey they sorry you lost me at simple. I am still a way newb - I use the Dreamhost code for the contact page. ( )

Now Apple’s MAIL.app doesnt have this issue, so Im not sure it’s a code issue?

Well, the web mail has no way whatsoever of knowing how Outlook is set up, so you’ll need to sign into the web mail app and dig around through the various preferences. If she’s sending from Outlook, then Outlook settings apply… if she’s sending from web mail, then web mail settings apply. This would have absolutely no effect on Apple or MS differences, as the same thing applies to Apple’s app.

DWR: Yea I hear you and that was my initial thoughts and what I told my client. That being said - the teh guy who came out Im sure wanting to earn his money told her it has something to do with the way the webmail contact is sent to her and when she replies in outlook it wont add her logo. I dont know I think it has something to do with outlook, her tech guy doesnt and she just wants to fix the problem.

First of all lets clear up terminology.

webmail is a mail client web-based application like Squirrelmail, Roundcube or Gmail.

formmail is the term for messages sent from forms filled out on a web page, such as the contact page in question.

Yeah I don’t think he meant webmail as in a CGI IMAP/SMTP client like Squirrelmail or Roundcube though. He is mentioning the messages are sent from the DreamHost-provided formmail and accessed directly by Outlook.

OK Let’s go through this instead of guessing out things then. First of all, when a message is sent, the message headers include “To” and “From” eg Subject: Test From: System <postmaster@openvein.org> To: atropos7@openvein.orgSo this is what the tech was referring to. I hope this much is clear.

Also earlier I had mentioned another issue that the formmail message might be in “TEXT” format and might need to be sent in “HTML” format instead. Since she uses a logo, I’m assuming her normal messages are sent out in “HTML” format.

Now Outlook is apparently checking how the message headers are filled out and whether the message arrived in “HTML” or “TEXT” format. Then it determines how to compose a reply message.

So I would suggest asking her for a copy of a message (get the “raw” version including message headers) of a message that works as expected when she goes to reply. And then develop a separate formmail script to mirror the format.

However that might not work, it could also be that Outlook is using information in her address book and determining how to compose a message based on who she is replying to.

Edit: I don’t use Outlook myself. But Googling for configuration tutorials I found out that you can use a different signature for replies and forwards then one used for new messages. One might want to review http://office.microsoft.com/training/Training.aspx?AssetID=RC101861341033&CTT=6&Origin=RC101861341033 if you need someone to lecture you more on the subject =)

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