Webalizer - anybody?

Heyo -
I’m running a dedicated server w/ Dreamhost and am trying to implement Webalizer on a few sites running on the server. I’ve been running into problems, basically where to locate the log files. I’ve created a webalizer config file and have it pointed in (I think) the right direction… here’s what I get after running it (mydomain.com is in place of the real domain name):

Webalizer V2.01-10 (Linux 2.4.20+w+fhs5+nfs+gr199d+ptf+ipmi+e02+++p4+c2+gr6b-v2.179e) English
Using logfile /home/saddle/logs/mydomain.com/http (clf)
DNS Lookup (5): None to process
Using DNS cache file dns_cache.db
Creating output in /home/saddle/htdocs/webstats
Hostname for reports is 'mydomain.com
History file not found…
No valid records found!

Anybody familiar with this? Any help would be greatly appreciated - thank you!