WebAdminPanel-SQL db name,MySQL Hostnames etc

I cant understand that CP as i have different now.
If i create MySQL Hostnames “localhost7.w-i-h.com” so is it SAME if i will install phpbb forum or is it just “localhost7” or “localhost” ?
Now,SQL database name : Database: forum777 - is THAT my database name or what ??? if so then it does not work :frowning:

My direct question is : how can i SEE my sql database NAME and HOSTNAME as those settings are not working.
Database: forum777 / Size: 4 KB
Service Type Setting Status Modify

veix12 active [ Edit ] [ Delete ]
localhost7.w-i-h.com active [ Edit ] [ Deactivate ]

Database name:forum777
Hostname: localhost7.w-i-h.com
Database user: veix12

Does that help clear things up?


Thanks-yes it does :slight_smile: :smiley: