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I’ve had my Dreamhost account for over two years now with the intent of learning more HTML and basic web design.

That hasn’t happened.

I notice a majority of other web hosting companies offer basic templates to help novices get a simple web site up and running. I can’t find anything like that on Dreamhost. Should I move on to another hosting service? Any suggestions on programs? I took a crack at Macromedia Dreamweaver, (based on a suggestion), but Dreamweaver doesn’t seem to be geared towards the novice.

Suggestions most welcome.


Don’t despair… there is hope.

Templates are overrated, the great thing about learning just a little bit of HTML is that you can make your site look like YOUR site, not the thousands of other users on Yahoo Geocities.

I can highly recommend two sites that really helped introduce me to the basics of HTML and web design. The tutorials on both do a good job of imparting quite a bit of information, while staying light and entertaining. The great thing about these sites are they grow with you… not just basic stuff, but advanced topics, aswell.

First is http://www.htmlgoodies.com/. There are a series of simple primers and tutorials that don’t assume you’ve been coding since you emerged from the womb. While you’re at the site, I recommend that you sign up for the weekly “HTML Goodies to Go” newsletter that discusses a particular topic (ex: functionality) and addresses a series of questions that have been submitted by readers.

The second site is http://www.webmonkey.com. They have a lot of tutorials and you can explore them by subject matter (multimedia) or skill level (beginner).

Once you’ve gone through a few of these tutorials and have an idea what it’s all about, go back and play with Dreamweaver… it will make a lot more sense. I can code pages by hand, but I really prefer to build my pages the way I want and then go in and manually tweak what I need to.

I wouldn’t recommend moving to another host… DH makes it about as easy as it can be. Once you start experimenting and putting up pages, you’ll appreciate what DH has to offer.

Good luck and hit me back if you have any more questions.


I reccommend http://lissaexplains.com for a great site to learn about HTML. its easy, and designed for kids, so no big words. :slight_smile: I like it a lot and her forum is great for other questions not discussed on the site. I am spirit892 on the forum, so if you need any more help, feel free to contact me. Good Luck!



I am crazy, Christian, and I like HTML. Its a dangerous combination.

[quote]I reccommend http://lissaexplains.com for a great site to learn
about HTML. its easy, and designed for kids, so no big words. :slight_smile:


Not only that, it is also hosted with DreamHost - Lissa has been with us for a long time, and whenever a younger person asks for HTML help we always point them her way. It’s an invaluable resource.

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I’ve got some tips about Web development in my site too:

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