Web stats



I’m a litle bit confused with the stats available on www.mydomain.com/stats

The general statistic show me:

Figures in parentheses refer to the 7-day period ending Jul 01 2012 at 2:48 AM.

Successful requests: 114,135 (21,681)
Average successful requests per day: 3,805 (3,097)
Successful requests for pages: 26,754 (6,072)
Average successful requests for pages per day: 892 (867)
Failed requests: 2,011 (37)
Redirected requests: 543 (25)
Distinct files requested: 2,607 (207)
Distinct hosts served: 3,081 (92)
Data transferred: 3.81 gigabytes (649.50 megabytes)
Average data transferred per day: 130.15 megabytes (92.79 megabytes)

Is really impossible this huge amount (114,135 access/month).

This amount (114,135) is VISITS?

The important for me is know VISITS/month

And how may I discard my IP on stats? Is important discard my IP because I host my extranet on dreamhost too… So, the local users must be discarted on stats.


A request is not a visit. A request is just that - an HTTP client asking for something. It could be asking for a web page, an media file, CSS or JavaScript file, newsfeed, etc. as well as submitting a forms.

If by visits you mean people using a web browser, try a third-party tool like Google Analytics.