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I used Horde before I switched over to DH. I have 10 websites and would like easy way and a way for my clients to log in and check as well. I searched Wiki, and this forum (web stats, webstat, web statistics) and nothing… Thanks for the help.

I use Tracewatch on most of my websites, it doesn’t have multi-user support but the plus is the stats are real time rather than generated on a pre-determined time period.

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There are 3 choices on the website. Which one do I want to d-load? thanks so much thus far.

Download TraceWatch V0.234 and IP-to-Country Database so you get the correct information on the countries visitors are from.

Also I forgot to mention before that you will need to be running PHP4 on the domain as well for Tracewatch to work. I believe it is possible to get Tracewatch working under PHP5 but I’ve not attempted it personally.

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Thanks for the info. I am a mjor newb, so I dont know anything about PHP 4 or 5, and what not. Maybe I will just not worry about stats. I like my last serve, just came with it, set up my pass, and log in… Not so easy with DH.

All domains hosted here at DreamHost have a default stats package called ‘Analog’, it is not the best stats package, but it does provide you with some info about what is happening on your domain.

You can setup ‘stats users’ for a domain by going to Status -> Site Statistics in the panel, you can also access the statistics themselves from this page, or by browsing to [/b]www.yourdomain.com/stats/[/b]


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thanks ya, I went to them, they are okay. better than nothing I guess :slight_smile:

yourdomain/stats seems broken since wordpress 2.0.6

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