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I know this is a total newb question but I have read around a bit and still can’t get this right.

I have 2 domains on my account. say mysite1.com and mysite2.com.

I have not set up any web sites yet.

I have just finished writing a website for mysite1.com and have uploaded it to root . However when I tye in my web address in the browser it just takes m to a listing of files in mysite1.com directory(there are no files there actually).

My question is where should I put my web site files index.html etc ? Do I create a directory after my domain called public_html or what ? Hope someone can help.


I’ve now moved the file to:


but am getting a 404 error


Hi. I think you need to go to the DreamHost control panel, select Domains / Manage Domains. Then click on Edit (under Web Hosting). Then there is a place to Specify you web directory. Here you enter the directory that contains your index.html file. Also, note that it takes time (from a few minutes to 2 days) for this to get sent over the web. So it won’t necessarily work right away. Hope this helps. Mark


You don’t need the public_html part of the path you’ve specified above.

By default, the panel will set your web directory to /home/tjarnold/www.arnoldplumbingandheating.com/ and unless you’ve overridden it, that’s where you should put your files.

public_html is an artifact unique to the cPanel application, which Dreamhost doesn’t use.

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Hi thanks for your help. The pages that aren’t loading worked fine when I had them running on my local computer. I have made sure they are in the same directory and will try waiting till tomorrow to make sure changes have updated then try then. Again thanks for your help


Thanks for your reply. My site was working for the index.html and one other page but the remaining 3 were failing to load/be found.

I have moved the files out of public_html and deleted it so they are now in :


and I will wait till tomorrow to make sure things have been updated on the servers and see how it goes. Thanks for your help