Web site passwords

I just transferred a web site to DreamHost from another host … it seems fine.

The previous host had CPanel, but DreamHost doesn’t, so I’m trying to get oriented. I wonder if you might answer a quick question.

Under CPanel, I could specify that a web site (or subdirectory) required a password before entering it. I set up a password for each of about 15 user IDs. And so when a browser tried to view the site, the user first had to enter a valid userid/password.

It’s not so clear to me how to accomplish the same thing on DreamHost. Can someone point me in the right direction?


In the panel, click “Goodies,” then “Htaccess/WebDAV.” Then, choose the domain you want to work with. Click “Configure a new directory” and you’ll see where to enter the info.

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Wonderful timing. I, too, just recently signed up and was curious about password protected pages.