Web site is only working for half of people

I am having some problems with my web site www.groundcontrol.tv. I have had about half of the people able to find the web site and login while the other half are getting a message that just says ACTIVE. I am also having problems with not all of the email getting through to me. It seems my web site is only working for about half of my customers. I transfered the domain to dreamhost last Monday and it started working for me on Wednesday. Does anyone have any suggestions on what the problem here could be or what I could do to fix it??

Probably a domain propagation issue… it can take a few days before all caches around the net point at the new location of an address.

I seem to be able to get to your site OK… but I note that its text mentions that it’s on a server in Canada, which isn’t correct if it’s hosted by Dreamhost… they’re in California.

– Dan