Web site design request

I am in Uganda.

I know how to use a computer but I need some one who can design for me a web site for my small business?

Please any one out there willing ??

drop your e-mail and I will write back


i’m surprised no one has responded to this. i would suggest you save yourself some money and install wordpress and a suitable theme. this is satisfactory for probably 99% of the people i speak to who just want a small website.

Thank you very much @Ryo-ohki may be they thought it was free, I will organize for a payment where necessary???

do you already have a hosting account here? i can help you get wordpress installed and advise you about what free theme i think will be best for you. if you can get it done yourself all it will cost is your time and mine.

ohh thank you! can we discuss privately? @Ryo-ohki ??? i hope it will be much better. my mail is charlesndagije@gmail.com

thanks for your support.

i have sent you an e-mail

ok thanks let me log in and check it up

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