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How are other people building websites that are hosted with Dreamhost? My site is built at Homestead, but apparently can’t be transferred to host here at Dreamhost. But I want to transfer all my work to Dreamhost, so I guess I will end up needing to cancel the account at Homestead, transfer the name to Dreamhost, and then rebuild it here, using something that can be hosted by Dreamhost. How are other people doing this? Suggestion welcome. Thanks.

(surely a website is possible to host at dreamhost? it can’t be all/only blogs, can it?)

You can host just about any XHTML, PHP, CGI, PERL site you like.

There are a number of One-Click installs that make installing many common CMS software easy (Drupal, Gallery, Joomla, etc.) but there’s nothing stopping you from installing other downloaded pre-made site scripts, or from creating your own customised site in any of the many supported languages.

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While I highly recommend Wordpress, you don’t necessarily have to use a blogging platform to build your site.

I’m not entirely familiar with Homestead, but it looks like they use their own sort of site builder - just copying all of the code may not be kosher in that case. The themes and code may be a bit proprietary.

What I would personally do, probably, is copy over the content of the site and plug it in to a Wordpress installation as posts or pages. Once you get working with Wordpress, adding new content is a breeze, and changing around the look of the site just takes a few clicks.

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Thanks for all your help.