Web server in 'home' directory

This is probably one of those “duh” questions!

I want to host a web server on “abc.com”. I want to set it up ahead of time, so I have gone to Domains and I enter the domain details. I seem to HAVE to put in a folder, and then the server gets installed in say,

abc.com/foldername and simply typing abc.com in a browser does not get me a web page. I have to type in abc.com/foldername.

What am I missing?

How can I use just abc.com and get to the web page?

Thanks in advance

You need a file named index.html (or a index.php, etc). That file should be /home/USER/example.com/index.html

That’s what is displayed when you visit example.com

Is that so when it’s a wordpress install?


Wordpress has its own index.php file.

To install Wordpress at the domain root, use dreamhosts one click installer, and leave the box to the right of the domain name drop down (after the / ) blank.

When I do that, I the robot installer sends me to http://www.enigmaconsult.com/wp-admin/install.php - which fails as I can’t transfer the dos until I’m set up with the new site.

Sorry if I’m missing something really dumb.

That domain and its DNS currently point to another host.

I’m assuming you want to get the site set up and change DNS later?

This wiki article should help. http://wiki.dreamhost.com/Viewing_site_before_DNS_change

Note: I would NOT use the dreamhosters.com method with Wordpress, use the host file method, or change your local DNS to use dreamhosts nameservers.

Thanks! I shall study.


There is just one step I don’t get. The mirroring all looks OK, but I can’t get the fist step complete.

So I have enigma consult.com and I also set up dev.enigmaconsult.com, with mirroring.

As I understand it, dev just uses the exact same installation in enigma consult.com. So how do I get that ORIGINAL wp install? The robot installer installs, but sends me a login to setup the site at http://www.enigmaconsult.com/wp-admin/install.php which of course I can’t reach as the domain points to my existing host.


Any offers on how to get connected to the original install / setup?


So two issues here since my last post.

First, the nameservers for enigmaconsult.com are pointed to ns181.securenet-server.net and ns180.securenet-server.net. While it is possible to have different nameservers for dev.enigmaconsult.com they don’t seem to be created, and that is an advanced DNS feature not used by many. The purpose of using “*.dreamhosters.com” sub-domain for creating the mirror is because that domain always has dreamhost nameservers. (all dreamhost customers can create sub-domains on dreamhosters.com for this exact purpose.)

Bottom line, your creation of dev.enigmaconsult.com didn’t do anything for you, the DNS for that sub-domain is still controlled elsewhere.

Which brings us to the second issue. In my last post I said:

I probably should have worded that using the I would not use the “mirror” dreamhosters.com method with wordpress.

The problem here is within wordpress. It stores hard links in it’s database. If you use a mirrored domain during setup, like say enigmaconsult_com.dreamhosters.com then all the internal links that WP creates and stores within its database are to enigmaconsult_com.dreamhosters.com instead of just enigmaconsult.com. This leaves you with a cleanup step later on, that you can simply avoid now.

How to do what you are wanting to do: There are two methods to choose between. Either edit your host file on your local computer, OR change your local DNS to use dreamhost nameservers.

Method 1, change your host file: On “manage domains” in the dreamhost panel, you click DNS under the enigmaconsult.com entry. Find the dreamhost generated entries, the first of which is an A-record with an IP address as its value, that IP address is the one you need. Now EDIT the HOSTS file on your local computer, create a record for enigmaconsult.com with that IP address. Now when you visit enigmaconsult.com in YOUR browser your hostfile entry will override internet DNS and you will go to the dreamhost site, rather than be directed to the site everyone else goes to when they type enigmaconsult.com in their browsers.

Method 2, depending on your local setup this method can be either easier or messier than method 1. The idea here is to tell your local system to use dreamhost nameservers instead of your local default nameservers supplied by your ISP. Some people switch to alternative DNS like google’s at, the idea here is the same except using dreamhost’s nameservers (,, In general, this is messier for a quick change to a local system. If changing the local computer, method 1 above is simpler and I would recommend that method.

HOWEVER, I have discovered method 2 can be easier IF you can use with your local router (and of course your router is compatible). When I want to use dreamhost nameservers locally what I do is log into my router and change local DNS to use,, as nameserver for my entire local network. Your mileage may vary here, depending on your local router. In my case, I just change a radio button selection from default to custom OR custom to default and reboot the router. (I set the custom IP’s for the custom nameserver the first time, the router remembers them anyway even when they are deselected). I find this method to be simple and fast for me.

Thank a lot! I shall study.