Web Server Down?


Neither I nor my users (who are at completely different geographic locations/networks) are able to get to my web site (http://starmatt.com which is hosted by dreamhost). I have already started dreamhost’s auto tracker. Any other insights here?


Works for me.



Yeah. The web server just came up. Clearly after a few hours of outage, dreamhost figured out what was wrong and fixed it (for the time being). But they don’t tell me/us when there is such an outage, why there was an outage, what they did to fix it, and the odds of the outage happening again soon. So I can’t really say what happened.


I don’t know what you want. I would really like the dreamhost team to work on the issue then telling us actually why it is down. Have you ever worked on an IT staff?
I submitted a ticket and got a reply within 20 minutes about the issue they where having. All of my clients websites where down. So this was a major issue for me. However, dreamhost handled this with great care and in a timely manner. They even told me a timeframe they will be back up.

Also, If you want to know the odds of the next outage? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. sorry man, that is just funny. What are the odds of another D.O.S attack? hmmm, if you can figure that out, You would have a nice paid job at any IT place you want.