Web Root download as parsed text file

When I call http://www.bottlebill.org/index.htm,
it works fine.

When I call http://www.bottlebill.org/ without
the index.htm, I get this:

You have chosen to open
<blank - nothing here>
which is a: text/x-server-parsed-html
from: http://www.bottlebill.org/
(open with)
[] do this from now on


This also happens with opera.
It doesn’t happen with IE7, Chrome or Safari.

This doesn’t happen on the site in Opera or Firefox:
Which is set up identically with regards to ssi.
.htaccess contains this single line in both sites:
AddHandler server-parsed .html .htm

This has not been a problem with other Dreamhost
accounts. Usually, setup and transfer is pretty
straight forward. I’m wondering if httpd.conf is
set up correctly.

Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.

Works fine for me in IE8, Opera10 and FireGlitch2002.

As an aside, it’s good practice to use shtml extensions when working with server side includes. Forcing the server to parse every html file can be somewhat less than ideal in many cases.

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Thanks for your response.

What about firefox? I’m using opera 10, and I’m getting
the parsed text download call when I go to this url:

Every html file has a header, footer and menu.
If every html file uses includes, does it really matter whether
it ends in htm, html or shtml? .htm is shorter.

Opera 10.00
IE 8.0.6001
FireFox (sry for the typo) :stuck_out_tongue:

Only thing of note is that I get a popdown in FF insisting I install a plugin so the website can be viewed correctly - but the website itself functions perfectly without doing so.

If all your html files contain ssi and you are the only one maintaining them then it’s no biggie. Just thought I should mention about the shtml extension in case someone reads the post and haphazardly slaps parsing commands into their .htaccess files without fully appreciating what it does.

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thanks again for your reply.

Perhaps there’s an addon in my version of firefox that’s hampering things, but my
Opera 10 is unadulterated.

I’ve no idea why this is happening. Argh.
Perhaps it’s not a host thing, but it’s very frustrating.


My my Mac, these browsers display your site with no problem:
Safari 4.0.3
Firefox 3.5.3
Opera 10.00
OmniWeb 5.10.1
iCab 4.6.1
Camino 1.6.9

I’m sure the list would go on…



Thanks for your reply.
The problem seems to have resolved, at least for now.
I’m not sure if DH has fixed it, or if there was a caching problem
with my computer. That doesn’t make sense though since it involved
two different browsers, but not three others.

I’m keeping an eye on it.

Again, thanks.