Web Rookie Needs Help

I am a rookie to website workings. Basically here is what I am trying to do, if anyone has help they can offer i would greatly appreciate it.

I created a dreamhost account and bought a new domain name. I want to make the domain into a website, what is the easiest way to get my domain up and running?

I tried to get a wordpress site up and running but it seems to be totally separate from the website i am trying to create, I dont know why I cant get Wordpress and the domain to be the same.

I just want a website template to be working with the domain i registered so i can edit it and have it up and running. I don’t have a clue as to what FTP user logins are, and where to get them. I input what i thought would be the logins and it doesnt recognize it.

Help! I’m sure this has to be easier than what I am experiencing, so any direction would greatly appreciated. I know there are probably some 3rd graders who can make this happen, so i will gladly take their advice if they can help :slight_smile:


Have you paid for Hosting here? It’s $8.95/month, more or less.

Once you have a hosting plan, you need to go to the panel for Manage Domains and add a Fully Hosted Domain with the same name as you registered (example.com). As soon as that’s done, you can install WordPress through One-Click installs and pick the Advanced One-Click and have it install to your domain.