Web programmers and girls

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As she rubbed lubricating gel up and down my leg this morning, the beautiful Filipino girl that assists my physical therapist asked me what I do. When I told her, she just sighed, and told me that the last guy she went out with was a web programmer, and she couldn’t imagine anything more boring. I quickly pointed out that it’s just a minor part of what I do.

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Hey! My wife’s a web programmer, and she certainly isn’t boring.

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And yet you’d never hear a girl say “that’s boring” if you answer with something like:

Nothing. I’ve made millions and will never have to work again, so I mostly just watch TV and spend money.


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Well, I don’t think I’m all that boring …

… but, then again, I’m also not much of a programmer.



Don’t worry, she just lacks imagination. :slight_smile:

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Anybody can be boring… Not ONLY web programmers.

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