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How does one contact support when the Web Panel isn’t working correctly?

I am trying to report email issues, but the panel will not allow me to proceed beyond Step 3 of 5.

I have tried email, but got a message directing me to the Web Panel.


Try using the contact form at http://dreamhost.com/contact.cgi.



Thank you.

I gave it a whirl.


You are welcome, and good luck … it should get to the right place! :wink:



A quick question re. your control panel “can’t get past step 3 of 5” in the file a support request process:

What browser and version are you using?



Hi Rick.

Thank you for asking.

I am using the same browser (and settings) I have been using to access the control panel since I started with Dream Host: IE7.

It was working yesterday. But it’s not working today for some strange reason.


Thanks for the additional info, Brent. I was asking because there is a “known issue” regarding problems with the ajaxy stuff in the panel using FireFox 3.

There have also been scattered problem reports with IE7.

I’ve passed you information onto one of the DreamHost developers for further investigation. :wink:



Hi rlparker.

I have resolved the email isse that I was trying to contact support about.

However, the web panel still is not working for me.

It stops at 3 of 5 whether I check the EMAIL box or the WEB PANEL box.


Thanks for your feedback, though.

I appreciate it.


Thanks for the suggestion.

Unforunately, nobody from support ever got back to me. So you may want to note that.

Meanwhile, my webpanel started working again this afternoon (finally).

However, the email problem returned.


I’ve had this issue twice. Please vote yes for my suggestion titled “contact support when panel is down”:

https://panel.dreamhost.com/index.cgi?tree=home.sugg&category=Support - Contact Support&sort=category


I did. Thank you for suggesting it.


If the panel is truly down, then support definitely knows about it. They use it, too, and at least as often as the rest of us.