Web Panel Woes

Does anyone else have major problems with the web panel?

Invariably, after 15-20 seconds of inactivity, I get a “The Page Cannot Be Displayed” error. Then if I reload the page it’ll hang for another 5 seconds and then might let me in. Contrasting the performance of the panel with how it was a few years since (when it was relatively quick in responding to user requests and I was able to accomplish things in a few minutes) it seems very lethargic and clunky when I do eventually get into it.

I recall someone saying a long, long time ago that they were having issues with the local redirector that handles the load balancing for the machines that run the panel. Is this still the official excu^H^H^H reason?

Anyone have any ideas or suggestions on how I can get this work-shy beast to operate a little better?


It has had reliability issues for a few days now. I haven’t seen an official response either in the forums or on http://dreamhoststatus.com


Officially everything is working properly. Unofficially, the panel seems a bit slow and sluggish. Maybe an official DreamHost crayon could help you feel better about that? ;->

They need more support help.
Cut the code, [color=#CC0000]it’s their birthday:[/color] [color=#00CC00]9999 => $99.99 Off[/color]

Maybe it’s time for DH to use some external monitoring. It has been pretty obvious - and not just by the whiners. It’s a pretty critical service to their customers.