Web panel slow?

Anyone else having issues with the control panel? Recently, I’ll click something on the left, and it’ll frequently get stuck on trying to load the page.

I don’t have an answer, but considering this is my 3rd day with Dreamhost - it doesn’t leave a good first impression. :-\

the web panel is not responding at all to me. I can’t even get to it right now. I emailed support about it, hopefully they will address it soon.

bspiral: I wouldn’t let it worry you too much, my Dreamhost experience has been pretty positive. Stuff like this comes up, they tend to take care of it. (for ten bucks a month I don’t get too upset about the bumps.)

What things were you trying to access.
Some of the pages are slower than others.
The pages that I use for site stuff (MySQL, One-Click Installs, etc.) are pretty quick,
but pages like Rewards or Suggestions are slow sometimes.

We’re [color=#0000CC]DreamingOfYou[/color] :wink:

I think it everything is running slower than usual. I have never had a problem until recently. Hopefully, they will get it fixed up soon.

Not sure if this is related but my sites are very slow. I did a traceroute and it seems there’s a relatively long delay around Los Angeles along with the server hosting my site. Not sure if it’s significant but here are my results.

Traceroute has started …

traceroute to dvessel.com (, 64 hops max, 40 byte packets
1 ( 1048.767 ms 6.052 ms 18.790 ms
2 * * *
3 ge-2-3-ur01.verona.nj.panjde.comcast.net ( 53.665 ms 11.784 ms 38.479 ms
4 te-2-1-ar01.verona.nj.panjde.comcast.net ( 198.580 ms 40.078 ms 23.353 ms
5 ar01.plainfield.nj.panjde.comcast.net ( 31.324 ms 31.294 ms 32.994 ms
6 ( 78.424 ms 49.042 ms 87.801 ms
7 ( 72.126 ms 32.321 ms 53.835 ms
8 tbr1-p010501.n54ny.ip.att.net ( 38.179 ms 21.649 ms 74.394 ms
9 ggr2-p310.n54ny.ip.att.net ( 154.219 ms 16.240 ms 49.051 ms
10 so-4-1.car3.newyork1.level3.net ( 31.782 ms 113.322 ms 58.098 ms
11 ae-2-56.bbr2.newyork1.level3.net ( 43.172 ms ae-2-54.bbr2.newyork1.level3.net ( 51.082 ms 107.628 ms
12 as-0-0.bbr1.losangeles1.level3.net ( 91.164 ms 162.350 ms 161.777 ms
13 ge-4-0.ipcolo2.losangeles1.level3.net ( 92.952 ms ge-9-2.ipcolo2.losangeles1.level3.net ( 106.674 ms ge-4-0.ipcolo2.losangeles1.level3.net ( 93.479 ms
14 ( 99.505 ms 88.060 ms 188.944 ms
15 basic-fritz.catalina.dreamhost.com ( 130.759 ms 96.659 ms 149.741 ms

err, looks like the delay is all over the place. hmm.

Random stuff - email accounts, adding subdomains, adding email forwards… all were timing out or taking a few minutes to show up.

This afternoon, I’m getting complaints that my forums are dead slow - some pages taking a minute to build.

Now I’m starting to wonder. I still have a considerable trial period, so I’m not sweating it. It’s good to see some issues right away, and see how responsive DH is.

I have been with DH for about 4 months, I have never had a problem until recently. My site(s) and forums are SLOWWWW as heck.

Yep, occasionally the Web Panel has been very slow here.

I have a feeling that this is due to the recent influx of new users. Hopefully DreamHost is aware of the problem and can take steps to rectify the issue.


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I’d have to agree with mark on that. According to the official blog of dreamhost, the amount of drive space being used has grown 300% since they quadrupled disk space allotments. This means more data, more bandwidth being used, etc.

That kind of growth can kill a network if they’re not ready for it. It’s going to take more drive space and a change to the network infrastructure to accommodate it.

Unfortunately, servers and bandwidth take time to get, configure, and roll out (try calling Qwest or Sprint for help with your T1’s some time… the experience will drive you insane).

I’m sure they’re working on it and things will get better.