Web Panel Slow?

I’m a new user, and I’ve been trying to bring my site up, but I simply cannot work with the web panel. It’s extremely slow! Is this normal? It takes 45+ seconds to respond to any link I click on, from several different PCs. If it’s like this all the time, I may have to cancel the service (bummer).

It’s not always like this (I’ve had my sites here for nearly two years now and most of the time everything works great), but tonight the panel does seem to be abnormally slow; right now, I can’t do anything at all, because it always times out without ever finishing its action.

– Dan

The web panel has been like glue for a couple of days. Has anyone seen any official Dreamhost explanation for this?


Slow?? How about it saying that I have no mysql databases and no domains. I will assume it a system wide problem and wait a bit before email support.

has anybody noticed any improvements? i’ve been trying to delete an ftp user for several days now and adding a subdomain name all day today and i’m not seeing any changes.

i checked the status page but it says things are running all right. any clues?

i’m having a very hard time with the control panel. its slowwwwwwwwwww, i can’t even pull up a page totally.

i contacted support. they said to log out and relog back in, but that didn’t help…