Web panel not accessible

I have tried for two days to get onto my web panel. No can do…when I try to email support they send the message back saying to log onto my web panel and start a trouble ticket. IF I COULD DO THAT I WOULD. I have two sites - get into either.

Frustrated!!! They are paid up. What do I do? No phone number to call.

Logic is a dwindling resource over at DreamHost.

Try the “Forgot password” link at the Panel interface to see if it resets something.

Hopefully by now someone from Support has read your post here and is looking into it or already fixed it for you. If not (and you have Twitter) you can try tweeting them @DreamHostCare and link them to your thread here. If your forum account here uses the same email address as your DreamHost account info then that might be of help too.