Web panel down?

Just curious to know if others can’t access the web panel or am I just lucky? :slight_smile:

Merry Christmas!

I can access it, but it is incredibly slow. I managed to enter a new email account about four hours ago, but I am still not able to login to this account.

I hope Dreamhost get their act together soon. The errors are getting worse every week. The mysql-servers are down almost once every day, email disappears or is not available, the webserver are down almost once a day… This happens only for a few minutes, and almost only, when it is in the middle of the night in California. But since I am here in Europe, the services are down during office hours for me…

As much as I liked the Dreamhost-style in the beginning, this is not acceptable any more.

Now, I can get into the web panel but I can’t access my discussion lists so that I can push messages through on one of my moderated lists.

Sometimes, they warn us about down time but since I’m also on the west coast, I don’t seem to notice it. Sorry it’s such a pain for you.