Web page for my wife

My wife announced this morning that she wanted to self publish a gardening column on a web site, and asked me what it would cost and how to do it. That’s what I get now that she’s just retired. I haven’t set up a new web page in years, and I’m not as familiar as I should be about new options. Going with what I know, I was looking at getting her domain at godaddy, then a DH account, and maybe setting up Wordpress or one of the other CMSs for her. I’m more of a roll-yer-own guy, so I’ve only played around with the one-click CMSs on subdomains of my DH account. I don’t wanted to get sucked into lots of support time on her site when I’m in my office getting paid to do real work. (Like I’m doing now) (Maybe I could call it training). But then I saw the DreamPress accounts. $20/mo, domain name included, 24/7 support (could save me a lot of calls for help). Seems pretty intriguing.

But what about some of those other “build yer own website” outfits? How do they stack up? I know nothing about them, except I’m bombarded with adds on the web and TV from them. So bombarded I’ve tunes them all out. I can’t even name one now.

Hi MG, assuming that you would only need Wordpress here, AKA blog, nothing about email or any services, I think Wordpress hosting would be the best one for you. Check below for details and WIKI link.


Yo Peleus… just in case what was implied was that you cannot get email with DreamPress, you can get it for nothing extra. You also can use ssh if you change the default sftp user to shell. You cannot create any other ftp/sftp/ssh users, though, just the one for the domain.

As to greater support for DP over WP, mr. OP, you do get some extra hand-holding, but the basic premise is that since DP handles caching by default, all the support needed regarding caching tactics would be moot.