Web Matrix Web Deploy setting

Anyone know how to set this up?

I can’t deploy the site, webmatrix’s error message “unable to connect”

best rgds

You’re probably going to need to use FTP instead of ‘Web Deploy’ for DreamHost.

What about the ftp settings? I tried both but unable to connect.

I’m confused. If webmatrix recommends using Dreamhost, why can’t it connect and publish using web deploy option? If ftp is used, it says it will overwrite existing databases. I can’t take the chance it will overwrite databases from other websites I’m currently using. Can anyone advise?

Bump…I’d like to use the WebMatrix Web Deploy option as well, but have no idea what to do to make it work. Is it possible to use this option?

It is not possible to use a technology designed for Microsoft IIS based web servers at a hosting company using Linux/Apache based servers.

ahh, i see. thanks![hr]
What I liked about webmatrix is that I could develop locally and publish to the remote site when I was ready (sit files as well as databases). Is there a similar tool for Dreamhost?

I realize it’s a noob question…I am very new to this stuff! :slight_smile:

The technologies involved - Apache, PHP, Perl, etc., MySQL, PHPMyAdmin - can all be installed on Windows machines, so it is possible to duplicate a web site for developing locally. Deploying to DreamHost servers is more manually involved.