Web mail headers

I am encountering some weirdness while trying to use SquirrelMail and hope someone can help.

I sent out four emails via the web mail interface. When I went back to my Sent mail folder to review them, one showed an incorrect header (it showed the header from an email I deleted at the start of my session). As this was a job application that now appeared to go out with a completely inappropriate subject line, plus the wrong FROM and TO addresses, I was pretty upset.

I started a new email, copied the content of the previous email into it (from a Word doc on my desktop), and re-entered the correct header information. Just to be safe, I saved it as a draft rather than sending directly.

When I reviewed it in my Drafts folder, it again showed the wrong header information (now displaying the header from the NEXT email I’d sent out, to another company). When I click on “View Full Header,” however, the correct information is displayed.

Is this just a weird glitch with the web interface, or did my email go out incorrectly labeled? What the heck is going on here?

Thanks. :slight_smile:

Obviously I don’t know for sure what happened in your case but I believe this is merely a problem with the webmail client, albeit an annoying one. I’ve encounted problems with things looking unusual, and imap errors like “unable to delete nonexistant message” when the message was clearly there.

Refreshes and waiting a moment have usually fixed this. The problem seems to be happening with your draft messages only, and that’s probably related to web browser caching. By default unsent messages automatically save themselves as drafts every 10 seconds or something equally fast. I configure my autosave to only run every minute, and almost always compose my messages in a text editor before creating the actual message in squirrel mail.

With these configurations I’ve never noticed any problems, but you clearly should check your outbox to verify that you didn’t send a “OMFG these pics are def NSFW” message to your future employer. Even if the manager wants to see the pics, it’s not real professional I guess.

Thanks for the quick reply. I’m going to hope you’re right about the cache issue, since the first problem (which I actually noticed in the Sent folder, not Drafts) still resolved to the correct header when I clicked “View all headers.”

For sanity’s sake, I’ve switched over to a properly configured account on Outlook Express to do the rest of these, though. :smiley:

Is there such a thing as a properly configured Outlook client?

If you’re in a rush, Outlook can work. But if you’re going to be using it semi-permanently, consider Thunderbird.