Web Mail Headaches - Plus Outlook IMAP Oddities


First: Emails in the webmail can be deleted, if it’s the FIRST page of emails. When I switch to the next page of listed emails, I can not delete them. Help! :wink:

Second: Outlook (Office 2003) does not delete emails from the IMAP server. It shows a cross out over the emails, but when we synch or send/recieve… they remain on both the server and the local Outlook copy. I have ‘server auth’ etc checked, so emails send out of Outlook just great.

The general problem is deletion in both cases.


Purging Deleted Messages

Users of Outlook with IMAP will need to bear in mind that deleted or moved messages are simply marked for deletion but will not be purged until you manually choose to “Purge Deleted Messages.” To make it easier to quickly purge the messages marked for deletion, you should set up the following button:

  • Choose Tools-Customize and click on the Commands tab.
  • Click on the Edit category and scroll down until you see the Purge Deleted Messages option.
  • Click to select the Purge Deleted Messages option and drag it up to your toolbar. One nice place to locate it might be next to the black X tool (which represents “delete”).
  • After you see the words Purge Deleted Messages on your toolbar, you can click Close.
  • (In the future, if you need to move that command off of the toolbar, or move it to another location, simply repeat steps 23-26 but drag it back onto the Edit list.)

The first problem I have not experienced…



Regarding the web access to the mail. I increased my displayed emails per page to 50 and was able to delete the messages in question that way (so the emails were no longer on page 2+) [FYI: I tried deleteing the page 2+ messages from IE 6, IE7b, Firefox etc… No effect, no deletion]