Web Log hits from psycheclone



I thought it was funny that psyclone ignored my robots.txt and got lost in my calendar. It just kept clicking links off into the future. It would be really funny if we all made some infinite link trap for bots that ignore robots.txt. That would teach them. :slight_smile:


It wont teach them, they could care less and probably enjoy taking your bandwidth, filling your logs with junk, distorting your stats and slowing down the server more than you enjoy wasting their time - if they use zombies then there is zero cost to them.


I don’t care. I’ll put in random email addresses to government officials and make all my pages plain text. :slight_smile:


! Good idea, especially if you carefully choose people who have some sort of influence in the right areas - WORLDWIDE!


I just noticed a bunch of entries in my log from psycheclone as of an hour ago. It looks like it did obey robots.txt, however.


I edited my robots.txt to forbid psycheclone on 6/11. That night it came in once and was bounced. Then it came back again on 6/18 and bounced again, with my website generating an forbiden.htm error. Within this whole thread there is another web manager reporting that psycheclone seems to obey robots.txt. It seems to me that a simple html file like robots.txt (suppose to be just a reminder to indexing softwares) will be able to block a spybot like psycheclone. It is possible that the hosting company reads robots.txt and blocks unwanted bots for their clients since they do not provide a tool for clients to block IP addresses directly.


I really doubt that this is happening.

They do actually. You can block individual IP addresses (or IP blocks) using a simple .htaccess file.


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ta, that worked!





Looks like it has been busy. I was wondering why the sitemaps python script was generating results for RARELY visited pages on my site (when I only have it add based on the past two days of logs). I checked the logs and saw this bot as well.

order allow,deny
deny from 208.66.195.
allow from all

Edit: Upon further investigation, this might be a better option:

if (stristr($svr,“psycheclone”)==TRUE) {
header(“Location: http://mccolo.com/english/contact.html”);

because the IP appears to change somewhat regularly.


Check out Gordaen’s Knowledge, the blog, and the MR2 page.


psycheclone traces back to Moskow http://visualroute.visualware.com/ you can find the hosting company digital infinity


hey guys, Guess I’m a little too new to dream host and .htaccess files. how do you set a ip ban in it from your site? so i can block this robot as well. I have 100 hits in 18 days already. So I’m trying to get my site back under control. Any help would be great.


I think you’ll find the following wiki article useful.



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thanks a TON… that site is VERY helpful. Thats bans are fillings up, and the idiots are going away. ::slight_smile: thanks a million


I’m trying to use the php approach from above - trouble is some of my sites are driven by wordpress. So when I edit index.php as follows my site just generates an empty screen. So what am I doing wrong here?

<?php $svr=$_SERVER['HTTP_USER_AGENT']; if (stristr($svr,"psycheclone")==TRUE){ header("Location: http://mccolo.com/english/contact.html"); }else{ define('WP_USE_THEMES', true); require('./wp-blog-header.php'); } ?>