Web Hosting Provider not Resolving my Issue

I am looking for information on how and where to make a complaint against a webhosting service I have used for over 9 yrs. Currently my webpages are showing very unorganized on many search engines, and I have tried in vain to get support, only to now realize chances are good that either their service can’t handle the type of webpages I create, don’t have enough bandwidth, or is just not as professional as they portray.

Right now I am very frustrated, and seriously thinking about canceling my service with them. However the problem is, is that I have spent an enormous amount of time trying to fix the problems only to finally come to the realization, that what I am doing is not the PROBLEM!

So I have advised them that I will take to the internet and expose them, run them out of business, or just find a resource that will help me get a resolution…

I paid for a yearly subscription, and the only thing they are offering me is to CANCEL without getting any kind of refund. And sorry to say but I feel they owe me more then a refund. I have figured out their problems and feel they should also pay me a consultation fee for all the hours I’ve wasted trying to correct a problem that is clearly their issue. I am the customer…

If you’re with DreamHost, then right here is probably a good place to start complaining. If you’re with another webhost then I doubt anyone here will be terribly interested I’m afraid.

Except maybe the DreamHost Sales team :smiley:

I’m sorry to hear that.

I looked at the account that uses the same email as this forum ID, and I don’t see that you have any hosting here (and there’s one ticket from 6 years ago, asking about a guestbook…).

What kind of webpages are you making? SEO isn’t something your host impacts most of the time, and we offer unlimited bandwidth, so I don’t know why we wouldn’t be able to handle your site. It’s possible your site runs slowly, which can happen with a highly resource intensive site (like flash games).

i think he is complaining about some other host. its true that the host would not normally affect search engines, unless they are host exceptionally shady things or have made backroom deals with search engines.

there is little you can do unless there is lawsuit material. you can slag them on customer review sites, but those are mainly targeted at other sectors (angie’s list) or restaurants (yelp, eg)

you could try to start a viral campaign but its too technical; facebook wiill not care