Web hosting plan for a social networking website?


I’m going to build a social networking website. [color=#f0f8ff]Cheap Monthly Web Hosting[/color]

1- Which social networking software are supported by Dreamhost? I know all Linux-based software are supported by DH. I mean free 1-click install. [color=#f0f8ff]Godaddy vs Bluehost vs Hostgator[/color]

2- Do I start with a shared web hosting package or a dedicated server? Unfortunately I’m on a tight budget. [color=#f0f8ff]Bluehost Discount Coupon Promo Code[/color]

3- Which of these software is better to create a social networking site:
http://www.buddypress.org and http://www.pligg.com.

Thank you in advance,

  1. http://wiki.dreamhost.com/Available_One_Click_Installs

  2. It depends on your traffic. A lot of traffic points to a dedicated server. A tight budget points to shared hosting. A VPS is somewhere in between.

  3. It depends on what your needs are.

What kjodle said, plus regarding #3 I’d add that besides your needs, it depends also on your development and administration skills.

I would start with shared hosting, you are always on time to upgrade if it is needed, there is no need to start from the top.