Web Hosting login 504 error


I can’t login to my web hosting control panel at all. Everytime I click on the login link, I get a 504 error. I’ve sent multiple requests into Dreamhost, but have received nothing back at all. Can someone on here help me? I have some serious issues to resolve for my clients.

504 Gateway Time-out


I cleared my cache, and now it takes me to the login screen… where it errors out again in the same way once I try to log in.


We are sorry to hear that!

Have you tried to log in from a different web browser? Are auto fill options turned off? Have you tried to connect form a different internet connection? If you try using a proxy server do you have the same issues?

Please let us know if using a proxy gets you around the error so that we can further assist you.


Pretty much tried everything, and nothing is really working. I was able to log in today after over 48 hours of being down. However, It is excessively slow, and still errors out when I try to do anything relating to email/domains.


I have the same issue… My site comes on goes off comes on goes off


Fix the 504 Gateway Timeout Error (In 5 Ways)

  1. Check Your Proxy Settings
  2. Ensure Your Domain Can Be Found
  3. Check Whether There Are Issues With Your Hosting Provider
  4. Disable Your Content Delivery Network (CDN)
  5. Disable Your WordPress Plugins


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