Web Hosting but not email

I apologise in advance if this seems like a repeated question.
I’ve searched the posts but not sure I understand what I need to do.
I’m looking to to use Dreamhost web hosting but wish to keep both my email and domain hosting where they are.
So what I understand so far is my MX record stays as is but my “A” record points to Dreamhost DNS?
Or is it that my current domain host’s DNS point to Dreamhosts DNS?

Any advice (or sorting out my confusion) greatly appreciated!


you can either keep your name servers where they are and check in the dreamhost control panel domains/managedomains/dns looks what the domain.bla and www.domain.bla A record is and set it on your other name servers. (you might need to manualy update them sometime then if the ip would change)

or you can point the name servers to dreamhost and set custom MX records at mail/custommx.

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