Web FTP won’t allow me to download all of the files on my website. It starts out like it’s going to work, but goes to a blank page.

If I try to download the site in small sections I can get it, but before it was changed, it used to allow me to just download all the files at once, and I really miss that feature. I don’t have time to sit there and download small parts of the site one at a time when I want to back everything up.

Is there something worng with the new Web FTP or does anyone know of a way around this problem?

Instead of using WebFTP, is it possible for you to use an actual FTP client (ie. Wsftp, SmartFTP, etc)?

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Or even better, SFTP. You can use WinSCP, a free windows SFTP client. Or, as I mentioned in another thread, evaluate SftpDrive for me! :slight_smile: This lets you “mount” your remote files via sftp as a windows network mount and lets windows programs use that filesystem normally. Helpful if you’re more of a windows person - you could even have your normal backup run against the drive, I suppose.

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I’ve tried SmartFTP and Filezilla before. Filezilla tends to disconnect in the middle of a backup, while SmartFTP has more than once corrupted the files. That’s why I was so happy when Web FTP was added to the control panel. (It was just so darn convenient!)

I’ve never tried WinSCP or SftpDrive, but I guess it can’t hurt to check 'em out. I appreciate the quick replies and suggestions.

WinSCP supports resuming (yay!) and also maintains the original date stamp of the fie (double yay!), which FileZilla does not.

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