Web FTP Connection Problems

Hi guys
First time post in the forums.

Having some problems at home with the Web FTP.

First off its deffo something to do with my home connection as i can do everything fine from work. Basically i frequently get HTTP Could Not Make Connection errors when i try to either Save and Open my pages in the web FTP, this means i have to re log in and lose all my saved data / go back to root directory. In Safari its not as bad as IE, does the same thing at the same rate but rather than getting a HHTP could not connect to server error the page is left blank (white space) and i have to hit the send button in the browser anywhere between 2 - 4 times to get it to save / load.

Any ideas why my home connection would be doing this?



There are definitely current issues with WebFTP, as shown in another recent thread. In the mean time, you can use FileZilla instead (free).