Web forms blocked

I have had the mail from every web site I have with Dreamhost blocked and I have had no replies from support for two days.

This is costing me my business and really bad timing as Go Daddy are offering £58 per year for much faster servers and really fast support. I have over 100 sites here but it will be worth the switch.

I thought I was going to get something good for paying for VPS but it has got slower and slower and now this.

I don’t suppose you will respond so just letting off steam before a long night ahead.


Hi Slinky,

I see you’ve been in communication with one of our techs over LiveChat! Our team also has your tickets, and will investigate your mail issues as soon as humanly possible. We understand the urgency and can assure you our team will get back to you. Thanks so much for your patience and cooperation!

Hi, I have been chatting to your guys all day and we are now into day five and I have still not been told what is going on or if there is any resolution in sight.

I cannot be expected to be told nothing and look unprofessional to my clients on your behalf and remain loyal.

I am afraid I will move all of my accounts and sites I have with you to another host, this has cost me hard earned clients and will cost days of work but I cannot possibly take this risk with you again.

Dreamhost have mails issues lately and still pretend that they don’t know ?

Still not had a proper response from support, I have over 100 sites hosted here in different accounts and they are all blocked from sending mail which makes them totally useless.

Goodbye Dreamhost, this is not even rational behavior.

Anyone suggest a good replacement? I am trying GoDaddywith some sites and moving them today but any others?